hanna rifkin

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San Francisco is Hanna's home.

Her first performance was at the spaghetti dinner in middle school, age ten.  Whitney Houston had always been her favorite and singing "The Greatest Love Of All" made sense.  Hands in pockets, starring at the ground, Hanna was nervous and the performance was okay.

If at first you don't succeed, try again.   Hanna took all opportunity to perform - birthday parties, spanish class, a disco band with her brother's friends - and by age 13 she had developed real skills.  On video, Hanna does Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" at a school event.  She is confident, her voice is controlled, and she is really performing.

Age 16, she joined a disco band, then a rock band called Roxy in her early 20s, and by college Hanna was introduced to Jazz. Everyone was doing it, including her then housemate and now drummer, Zack Ehrlich.

She studied music theory and looked for any musical opportunity, including busking in Europe in every town she visited (except Paris, as it’s illegal without a permit to street perform).  Hanna later got a degree in Italian from UC Santa Cruz.  She lived in Italy for a year and met guitarist Francesco Lesi the way any singer does- cold calling a music school and hoping for the best.  The duo played throughout her year in Italy.  She later joined 60's girl group The Bang.  Hanna learned an entirely new repertoire and how to dance in unison with the two other female singers, that came with a backing band.

Fast forward to San Francisco and Hanna used the same principle she had from the start: show up and do it.  She went out most nights to meet other musicians, try out stages and new song arrangements, and make mistakes.  This is how we learn.  Though San Francisco is a relatively small city, there are many talented artists to share inspiration and stages with, and that is why San Francisco remains her home.